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Although I have had the privilege to call Lakeville city home for close to two years. As a member of the minority community, it hasn’t always been an easy move. I am deeply committed to this wonderful community and equally committed to helping the City of Lakeville accomplish what it must to make it a more inclusive space for all.

I first got involved with local issues over 10 plus years ago, where I focused on education: teaching & learning where I mentor youth in schools and keep them on track to graduate from high school. And it is mainly where my career underlines today as an educator. Being a classroom teacher, guidance council to a school administrator, I was always providing services and responding to families and youth needs. 

When George Floyd was murdered in 2020, I moved out of the City of  Minneapolis that I called home for more than two decades. I was personally witnessing the killing of Mr. Floyd, and it was a wake-up call for me to go beyond what I am doing. I have moved my Family to Lakeville, And if I didn’t have trust in Lakeville city, I wouldn’t move my family here. Now I call Lakeville a home,  where I care, and I would like to see the City of Lakeville be a safe place for every resident. I truly believe that I have the experience to support the city’s  long and short term.  I am a man with real problem-solving skills who love to see the city of Lakeville thrive and compete effectively in the state-wide economy. 

That is why I am running for City Council. I want to do my part in making the City of Lakeville a better place for tomorrow. I want a City that works for families who struggle and a City that works for senior citizens. A City that works with families with children, because I am one of them. I look forward to representing my family, my community, and my beautiful City of Lakeville.