Meet Abdulle

A few words about me

Hello, My name is Abdi Abdulle. I am a father, husband, brother, and educator. I believe in Lakeville and its potential to be a more welcoming place to people from all backgrounds. People who share a common vision for a vibrant community. I want to be part of the change that comes to this wonderful city. To me, community means endless possibilities for safety, housing and infrastructure, a strong school system, excellent public services, safe streets, and neighbors who cherish and help each other. A community where families get together and children play. A community that finds together what they have in common with commitment and courage.

I was born in Somalia, East Africa Country. Early in my childhood, I was at one of the largest refugee camps in the world, the Dadaab Refugee complex. In the year 2000, I came to Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes which I now call home. I lived in Minneapolis for more than two decades. When George Floyd was killed, I moved out of the city of Minneapolis because I wanted a safe place for my family. I moved my family to Lakeville, because I trust the city. Today, I call Lakeville home, and because I care about you and our wonderful community, I would like to see the City of Lakeville continue to be a safe place for every resident.

Little about my family.

My wife Shukri Abi and I, raising our  6 amazing children: five Girls and One son.

Work experience:

Little about what I do. I am the executive director of a nonprofit education program in Richfield MN. Prior to my current position, I worked with inner-city youth and families. Before I took a principal position at my current organization I held a few titles in Minneapolis Public Schools such as a classroom teacher, a K-12 school counselor, and an advanced academic coordinator. I am also, a License School administrator who understands the importance of K-12 education. I will be more than happy to work with our Lakeville School District, which is great but with the growing diverse background communities in Lakeville, they will be challenges ahead. That is why I believe I am the right candidate who has the credential and experience to respond to the city’s needs.

Education & Credentials:

  • Ph.D. Candidate – from Hamline University – the School of Professional Studies
  • M.A. Master of Public Administration from Hamline University – the School of professional studies
  • M.Ed. Master of Science in Education Counseling from the University of River Falls, Wisconsin
  • B.S. Bachelor of Science- University of Minnesota Twin Cities – College of Education and Human Development
  • School Administration license